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fade away a sadie/lauren fanmix

01. my heart - paramore {i am finding out that maybe i was wrong/that i’ve fallen down and i can’t do this alone/stay with me, this is what i need, please}

02. bruised and scarred - mayday parade {save me from this broken heart/all my love will slowly fade and fall apart/someone please sing this lovesick melody}

03. without you - black lab {tell me what did i do/what did i say/how could i end up this way/without you}

04. almost lover - a fine frenzy {so you’re gone and i’m haunted/and i bet you are just fine/did i make it that easy/to walk right in and out of my life}

05. to the wolves - anberlin {thought it was you and me against the world/but you left me to the wolves}

06. broken promises for broken hearts - she wants revenge {when you look back now was it special/or was it nothing an anecdote that you can tell now and then/i delude myself it was worth it/even though from the beginning i could see exactly how it would end}

07. she - absent minded {and when she smiles/it all seems worth the while/but time has torn us apart/we know it’s true}

08. time will tell - frankmusik {i can’t remove the pain i’ve made/it was the biggest mistake/are you strong enough this time/to give me one last try}

09. so goodbye - chester see {this foolish heart and your mistakes/it’s hard enough to know the things you did/it’s harder not to let you right back in/but i’ve got nothing left to say} 

10. why we cry at movies - as tall as lions {i guess there’s no way to make love/not break our hearts}

11. goodbye was always your favorite word - to be juliet’s secret {it’s lonely on my own/so take your time with me/and kill me slowly}

12. medicate - afi {so i’ve come to find/everyone goes away/i’m destines to remain/you were never mine/so you were perfect}

13. red and blue - the cliks {and what did you think i’d turn into/and what did you think i’d do for you/you’d cut off my hands to hide the truth/and make me the liar inside you}

14. a brief history of love - the big pink {as you leave me/it’s up to you to lend me your heart but you won’t let go/and as you leave me/you’re in my heart i feel true loveand it won’t let go}

15. the mess i made - parachute {i’m staring at the mess i made/as you turn, you take your heart and walk away/i should have held my ground/i could have been redeemed}

16. until we bleed - kleerup {then love until we bleed and fall apart in parts/doors slam, lights black, you’re gone, come back}

17. almost here - brian mcfadden {bruised and battered by your words/dazed and shattered how it hurts/haven’t i always loved you}

18. sadness is a blessing - lykke li {these scars of mine make wounded rhymes tonight/i dream of times when you were mine so i/can keep it like a haunting heart beating/close to mine}

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